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Bruce Conroy

Contact info: bruceconroyforwallingford@gmail.com

Office sought: Town Council  

What is your dream for Wallingford?

I do not have a dream for Wallingford, I have a goal. For my parents Wallingford was a place of safety, a place to raise their children without the worries of big city life. My goal is for Wallingford to be the envy of every city, town and village in our great state, a place that people come to raise their children, work, shop, eat and retire in peace.

How do we get there?

This is achieved by being bold. We must take the initiative, invest in our community, education, infrastructure, and the businesses, both small and big. We can't get there by fighting with our fellow residents, neither can we get there by meekly bowing down, we must be bold and not be afraid lead the way toward new and innovative solutions.

Please list some of the experience that will help us get there.

Construction Superintendent. Critical thinker and problem solver.



The need to update and streamline our schools is a priority. This issue is a Board of Education matter, but every Town Councilor should be involved in the process from start to finish. My experience in commercial and school construction would help us get the best bang for our dollars.

Community Pool

The pool is a Wallingford tradition and something that makes Wallingford attractive to people. I accept that unless we move the Mayor that the pool is dead, but I will still stand up and fight for it.

Develop downtown 

We have some good plans in place but need a more aggressive stance on development. Upper and lower down town need more to attract business, basic public internet access, more multi use development and allowing existing building to build up to at least 5 floors.

Tax Fairness

We need to see that our tax dollars go to good use, better roads and sidewalks, parks, schools, efficient, streamlined town departments and an end to bid waivers.

Electrical division

Wallingford has cheap, reliable electricity. Will it stay that way? We need to make sure that our electric division stays on top of things. More investment in renewables, like solar, wind and hydro generators. When I say more, I don’t mean jump in with no regard, let’s have a good detailed look at what we can do that will ensure a return for the residents and businesses of our town.


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