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Jacqueline McFarlane

Contact info: jacquelinem.mcfarlane@gmail.com

Office sought: Board of Education

Hi. I’m Jacqueline McFarlane. I’m a mother of 2 children who currently attend elementary schools here in Wallingford. By day, I’m a banking analyst for Transact Campus Inc. where I’ve worked for last 7 and a half years. My work experience includes over 10 years of management and leadership and I have a broad and unique skill set that I think with be an asset to the board of education.

Our children deserve the best education that we can give them. The physical state of our facilities is currently lacking. We need to conduct the studies necessary to gather the data needed to finalize a plan of action. The decision of one high school or 2 is not one that can be made without first analyzing the necessary data, including the new state reimbursement regulations. We must balance the need for updating these facilities with maintaining fiscal responsibility. I understand taxpayer concerns and believe that we must maintain transparency throughout the process. Our taxes should be treated as an investment in our children’s future.

At the core of that investment should be our education system. Wallingford’s population is in decline especially our young adult and young family populations. The key to drawing families back to Wallingford is through a strong education system where our children thrive in a safe learning environment and are prepared for their future. We have wonderful career pathing options for our high school students that include advanced manufacturing, CNA certification, and the culinary arts. Our world is ever changing. I think we can do even better by offering paths into green technologies and creative economics. Green technologies are the future. Creative economics encompasses advertising, architecture, film, music, publishing, games, performing arts, and research and development. According to a 2011 study by Americans for the Arts, this ever growing part of our economy generates over $135 billion in annual economic activity through non-profits alone. The more paths our students are given to explore, the more assurance we have that they will find a successful path into society.

As we work towards diversifying career pathing, we should also strive to diversify our staff, so that we better represent the demographics of our student population. All of our children should be able to see a reflection of themselves in their teachers. And no, I am not only referring to race. Every portion of our population should feel represented and heard. We must build a culture that focuses on inclusivity and equity for everyone.

I have been door knocking along with my fellow democratic candidates for the last 9 months. We have been listening to the needs and concerns of our teachers, our students, and you, their parents. Should I be elected to the Board of Education I will continue to listen and lead with compassion. I urge all residents of Wallingford to come out and vote on November 2. Your vote and your voice matter; and we can’t move towards the future without your participation. I hope you will vote for me, Jacqueline McFarlane, along with the rest of the democratic slate. Thank you.


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