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Nicole Barillaro

Contact info: njbarillaro@gmail.com

Office sought: Town Council  

What is your dream for Wallingford?

I aspire to make Wallingford a place where young people want to stay to raise their families, and I believe it starts with providing businesses with solutions for sustainable economic growth in Wallingford. I’ve often heard residents of other towns praise Wallingford’s beautiful downtown area with its restaurants, bars and shops. But Wallingford is a large town with several other locations with potential for economic growth and place-making. We need to expand our efforts to these areas to make Wallingford a more attractive prospect for young people and families. 

How do we get there?

I believe if we listen to Wallingford’s existing small business community, learn how we can best support them, and follow through on that support, it will attract new businesses to the area.  

Relevant experience

As an attorney who practices real estate law, I have experience conducting business in town as well as a background that will allow me to serve Wallingford’s constituents.

As a young-ish female candidate, I represent a demographic that has historically been under-represented in government. I’m passionate, and I have the energy to fight for what this town needs. I believe my passion and excitement inspire others,—and I’m willing to leverage that to make positive things happen in my community.  

Community Pool

Because our Mayor vetoed a council-approved ordinance amendment to appropriate the funds necessary to begin the contemplated renovations, the taxpayers will incur additional costs to perform the same renovations originally planned for Summer 2020. Rather than open the pool for Summer 2021 given the obvious public health concerns, we should be using this time to begin these critical renovations, and turn the pool into an income-producing asset.

Develop downtown 

I aspire to make Wallingford a place where young people want to stay to raise their families. I’ve often heard residents of other towns praise Wallingford’s beautiful downtown area with its restaurants, bars and shops. If we learn how we can best support Wallingford’s existing small business community, and follow through on that support, it will attract new businesses to the area. In addition, I believe we need to re-evaluate the types of grants we are applying for. While Wallingford has so much “small town charm”, it is not a small town—by applying for grants and state/federal funding as a small town, I believe we are seriously limiting our potential for economic development and growth. 

We must bring technological infrastructure to downtown. As a real estate attorney, I can tell you first-hand how difficult it is to handle a closing in Wallingford due to its lack of technology. The tax collector’s office must answer the phone all day to keep up with requests to verify tax bills prior to every closing taking place within the town at any given time. In addition to slowing down the transfer of property for its own residents, this is a massive waste of employee time (e.g. taxpayer dollars) in the tax collector’s office.

Address white supremacy and structural racism 

There is no place in our society for hate of any kind. Historically, our leaders here in Wallingford have done very little to combat structural racism and white supremacy in our town. The creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee might be a good place to start. First and foremost, I believe in listening to what others are experiencing. 

Address needs of under-represented communities 

Our current at-large voting system concerns me because it has the potential to result in concentrated areas of representation, and the exclusion of large areas of historically under-represented members of our community. To whom does a resident voice a concern when Wallingford Town Councilors are responsible for representing the entire town? With the current system, only those Councilors who are responsive to constituents are working to address those concerns, while the Councilors who are selective with whom they respond to, or completely unresponsive, remain in positions of power without actually serving the community members who elected them.

Tax equity

“When a number of persons engage in a mutually advantageous cooperative venture according to rules...we are not to gain front the cooperative labors of others without doing our fair share.” (John Rawls, 1971). 

Wireless in Town Hall

We should be making every effort to keep Wallingford technologically competitive with other towns in our state. By bringing our town hall up-to-date technologically, Wallingford will be a more attractive prospect for business development and foster economic growth throughout the town. 

Electrical division

Wallingford Electric Division is our crowning achievement. I would like to explore additional projects that generate revenue with an added benefit such as maintaining low utility costs for residents.


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